The Pastor leads a team of church members who make up our Board of Charity Trustees.
This provides legal ownership and oversight for the church.
The Trustees have many practical responsibilities.
However, they cover only a proportion of the church’s workload – church members cover many other responsibilities.

Our Team

sabcLeaders_245 Rev Matt Noble - Pastor/Elder
sabcLeaders_245 Esther Baker - Communities Pastor/Elder
sabcLeaders_245 Paul Ashton - Elder
sabcLeaders_245 Nigel Cox - Chair of Trustees/Safeguarding
sabcLeaders_245 Barbara Collings - Church Secretary/Safeguarding
sabcLeaders_245 Phil Carpenter - Treasurer/Trustee/Administrator
sabcLeaders_245 Mark Courtis - Trustee/Youth
sabcLeaders_245 Stuart Grant - Trustee/Men's Ministry
sabcLeaders_245 Debbie Jobson- Trustee/Prayer Co-ordinator
sabcLeaders_245 Steve Spring - Trustee/Health and Safety
sabcLeaders_245 Michelle Grant - Children's Ministry Team Lead